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On January 11th I got a Daily Deviation for my White Raven II stock. I am really happy that this image was chosen, and thank you to DamselStock for recommending this image to Elandria. I am really happy with all the comments and faves this picture has received. I do have other white raven photo's in my gallery as well, just encase some people would like to see more:
Rare white raven 5 by xxsimplicity-stock Rare white raven 4 by xxsimplicity-stock Rare white raven 3 by xxsimplicity-stock Rare white raven 2 by xxsimplicity-stock Rare white raven 1 by xxsimplicity-stock

If you would like to know the history behind this bird, I will tell you now! I know there was a lot of comments asking if this animal was even real, or why it was in a cage.

I randomly decided to visit my local wildlife rescue center one day and noticed this bird right away. I had never seen or heard of the existence of a white raven before, so I was just as surprised as many of my viewers! This bird was in an enclosure with another black raven, and they were making some pretty amazing noises. Check out the video of this bird I uploaded on YouTube. I think many people will enjoy seeing him in action.…
I decided to upload the series of photos as stock because as someone who appreciates the need for good/unique stock photos for art, I knew this one would be a gem for a lot of photo manipulators like myself. I hope this rare bird inspires people to use it in their artworks, and please remember to send me a link to the finished image! I love seeing what everyone does with them. Also, people who would like to use this in prints MUST contact me first. Please see my stock rules below.
Sadly enough, this bird died from an illness a couple weeks after I took the photos. I hope he can continue to live on in spirit through your artworks.

please message my main account xxsimplicity for questions or concerns. I don't check this account as often as I should :P

other info:
Info on this bird bird: (by ShadowsKiss)
This raven is leucistic, which can happen in any species of animal - even in humans (only with us it is refered to as Vitiligo)
It is a very rare condition in which there is a loss of melanin. This condition differs from albinism in that albinos lack any and all pigment, which gives them the pink eyes and noises and almost transluscent skin. Leucistic animals only lack the dark pigment melanin. This means that leucistic animals can still have faint patterns, they don't have to be all white although that is generally the case. Piebald animals have a form of leucism, which is closer to our Vitiligo.


1. Link back. I do really like seeing everyone's work, and I do add all deviations to my Fav's.
-if you cannot link back because of a certain site like Horseland that's fine.
2. Please, if you want to use any of my stock images in prints get my permission first!! or at least before you start to sell your artwork.
-I would highly recommend PMing my other account xxsimplicity and not this one for permissions. You will get a way faster response.
3. I do not care where or how you use my stock pictures, just don't claim them as your own.
4. If your image is being uploaded on DA, give me credit in the description. You don't have to put credits on the image.
WALLA! thats it

Again, if you need to contact me quickly, please email my xxsimplicity account, not this one.

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qetza Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2014
Used your white raven stock for reference here -…
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used you wonderfull stock here…
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I used your lovely stock here:

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Happy Birthday :party: :cake:
WildHorses21 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014   Digital Artist
used one of your stock here
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I used your stock here   My Land by Aeternum-Art    Thanks! :rose:
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Thank you for the fav+
I am happy that you like what i've made with your lovely stock. :)
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Thank You 5 by Sugaree33-Art for the fave my Dear!! Hug
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Thank you
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